Carol B

My doctor wanted me to go and have a sleep test where you go and you spend the night, and I had told him that I would never be able to wear one of those. I didn’t not want the CPAP, because I’m extremely claustrophobic. That stems from me being caught in an elevator when I was younger. Even people mentioning that CPAP would give me anxiety. So I talked to my sister, and she said she has the same problem, and she showed me the mouth guard that she’d gotten from her dentist and that she was using it, and her husband said she never snored anymore. So I said well when I get home, I am going to ask Dr. Ross about it, and unbeknownst to me, he has a program here. It’s explained extremely well. They answer any questions, and it just was an easy process. They just made it so easy and understandable and explained the whole test, and I do not wake up with dry mouth anymore. I don’t wake up gasping for breath, and I overall just have a better night’s sleep.

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