Diane B

Dr. Ross is just a great dentist, and I like that he’s always looking forward, and having access to things that most people don’t look for in a dentist, and that he is willing to do a sleep apnea appliance for clients, as an option, is just a relief.

I was hoping that it would work, because I really did not want a CPAP machine. Both my sisters have that, and I don’t like to be tied up to a machine, so this lets me just have an appliance like a retainer, that I can put in my mouth. Takes a couple nights to get used to, but after that you’re all good, and you don’t want to leave home without it.

He has helped me by reducing my pain in my jaw, and my head, and my shoulders, and he … I get a good night sleep now, and I don’t need a nap in the afternoon, and I’m not hearing from my husband, “Breathe. Breathe.” In the middle of the night, he was waking me up, because I wasn’t breathing, and I don’t get that anymore.

I would definitely say do it. Visit Dr. Ross. He is on the cutting edge of everything out there. He’s a great dentist. He takes the time to talk to you, and really listen to you, and he gets it until it’s done, until it’s perfect.

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