Laura H

When somebody doesn’t have good sleep, it really reaches into every part of your life, and my husband is one of those individuals that really, really needs his sleep and doesn’t function well, and when his sleep was interrupted, it was affecting him at work, it was affecting his mood, which affected our whole household. He was hitting that three o’clock slump really badly at work, because he just wasn’t getting enough rest at night. He was very excited to hear about the treatment from Dr. Ross, because Dr. Ross had experienced the same difficulties and was finding success, and shared his experience with my husband, and my husband was very excited to know that there was finally something that would help the struggles that he was having that didn’t involve any medication, or anything of that sort.

It was a little bit of a ramp-up at the beginning, getting used to it and coming back for adjustments, and Dr. Ross has been very attentive with adjustments that my husband’s required in getting it set just right, so that it was working well for him. Now that he’s sleeping through the night, guess what? I’m sleeping through the night. I’m not waking up at two o’clock and three o’clock in the morning, so we’re both waking up feeling much better. It took time. Every night, it was a few more hours, a few more hours, and then he was able to wear it through the night, he got used to it, and the stretches of sleep got longer, and for the most part, he’s pretty much sleeping through the night now, and it’s … Everything is a lot better for both of us. We both feel better, we both feel more energetic, and we both feel more rested.

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