Sean C.

My wife, I think it’s probably a common occurrence, was the first one to kind of notice it. She said, “Hey, you know, you’ve been snoring a lot lately,” and I never had been a traditional snorer, so to speak. She pointed out, she said, “Yeah, you know, there’s times where you seem like you stop breathing for a little while during that.” That’s kind of what led me to explore it a little further, as far as if I should be looking for some sort of treatment.

I was fortunate enough that Dr. Ross brought this up, and said that it was something that you can treat in a different way than I had heard of in the past, because I had had some friends, years ago, who had … We were on a vacation, at a golf trip or something, and he had one of those CPAP machines, and you got to kind of lug it around, and it’s kind of loud at night, and so it was nice to know that they do have some alternatives, now. There’s no harm to trying it, in my mind, and if it didn’t do the trick, and I had to do something more extreme, with like a CPAP machine or whatever, then so be it, but I was fortunate enough that this, in fact, worked for me.

My wife tells me that I am not snoring near as much, if at all, and I think I’m probably sleeping a little better than I have before, too, so I would guess, in that regards, maybe I have a little more energy now, and the most important thing is that I’m not stopping my breathing in the middle of the night, for 45 seconds, or some longer-than-normal period of time.

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