Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for feeling your best during the day. But for many people, sleep apnea can make that next to impossible. If you suspect you might have this disorder, getting tested is the first step toward treatment and better zzz’s.

When it comes to sleep apnea testing, you’ve got two main options: doing it at home or going into a sleep lab facility. We typically recommend a home sleep test. Here’s why:

  • No Overnight Stay Required – With a home test, you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed instead of having to spend the night in an unfamiliar sleep lab. That means no adjusting to a new environment or sleeping surfaces. You just follow the instructions to wear the portable testing equipment overnight in your regular sleep setting.
  • Ultimate Convenience – Home tests are super convenient since you don’t have to go anywhere! We’ll provide you with the testing gear you need. Once you’re done, we’ll share your results with a sleep doctor. There’s no driving to/from a lab or working around their limited hours.
  • Same Medical Standards – Don’t worry, home sleep tests follow the same standards and guidelines as those done in a lab. The portable equipment monitors all the important signals like breathing, oxygen levels, and chest movements. The equipment yields the full medical data needed to diagnose apnea.
  • Lower Costs – On average, home sleep apnea tests tend to be more affordable than the overnight polysomnogram tests in a lab. That’s because you’re not paying for the facility, staff, and other overhead costs of the sleep center. More savings for you!

In many cases, a home sleep apnea test is simply the easiest and most convenient option. We will help you determine if a home test is sufficient based on your individual situation. But for most people, this route offers a simpler, more cost-effective way to diagnose a sleep disorder.

Once you’ve gotten a sleep apnea diagnosis, we’ll work with you to select an appropriate oral appliance. It offers many advantages over a CPAP machine. You wear it when you sleep, and it does a great job of making sure your airway stays open. So you can breathe better and finally get that good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming about. It’s made just for you, so it fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear. There’s no bulky mask or noise to bother you or your bed partner. 

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