Sleep Apnea: Know the Signs

You may have sleep apnea without even knowing it. Loud snoring is often the most noticeable sign of sleep apnea, but there are other symptoms to worry about too.

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The only way to diagnose your problems is to get to our office right away. The Sleep Apnea Center of Novi can easily help you diagnose your sleep condition without the hassle. Just call us today at 248-264-3922.

First, of course, you need to know if you might be struggling with sleep apnea. Beyond snoring, here are a few signs that indicate you might have sleep apnea:

  • Waking up gasping for air
  • Tossing and turning at night
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Sleepiness while driving
  • Insomnia
  • Morning headaches
  • Memory problems
  • Impotence

Sleep apnea can affect everyone in your house. In fact, many of our patients are nudged to our office by their partners. And the lack of quality sleep can cause irritability and mood instability, which negatively affects your personal and professional life.

Don’t let your sleep problems drive a wedge between you and your loved ones or put your health on the line. The Sleep Apnea Center of Novi can bring you a better night’s sleep. Call 248-264-3922 to set up your free consultation today.

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