We’ll Address the Causes of Sleep Apnea in Novi

Sleep apnea is a dangerous problem lurking under the surface. In fact, most sleep apnea sufferers don’t even realize they have it. It can creep up on you without any warning and rapidly deplete your health. While middle-aged men and older are at the highest risk, it can affect anyone at any age – even children. And it won’t go away on its own. The main causes of sleep apnea in Novi and in general include:

  • The genetics that affect the structure of your jaw, size of your tongue, and anatomy of your throat
  • Body mass index of at least 25
  • Weight gain
  • Family history of sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Large neck size (at least 16 inches for women and 17 inches for men)
  • Being middle aged or older
  • Being a male
  • Hypertension
  • Snoring

Millions of Americans are walking around with these elevated risks, but they just don’t have the information to take the next step and treat their problems. You do. If you have any of these risk factors and are experiencing symptoms, don’t hesitate to call and set up a free consultation.

At The Sleep Apnea Center of Novi, we sit down with every patient to understand their issues so we can create a customized solution. Call the office today at 248-264-3922 to schedule your free consultation.

Trust Your Care to a Doctor Who Understands

Dr. James Ross has been practicing sleep medicine since 2010. He became a Diplomate with the American Sleep and Breathing Academy in 2018 and received a Fellowship from the International Academy of Sleep in 2019. Through his membership in several organizations, including the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, he stays on the cutting edge of sleep medicine and keeps up with:

  • Developments with CPAP
  • Advancements with oral appliances
  • Medicare and private insurance changes
  • Sleep hygiene protocols
  • The latest sleep apnea research

He understands the challenges associated with this disorder because he suffers from mild obstructive sleep apnea and had a sister pass away from sleep apnea complications. He’s experienced amazing improvements to his health and well-being by using an oral appliance.

Dr. Ross and our team will help you understand the causes of sleep apnea in Novi. More important, we’ll help you find relief. Call The Sleep Apnea Center of Novi at 248-264-3922 to schedule your free consultation.

Common Questions About Causes of Sleep Apnea

Which medications cause sleep apnea?

Medications don’t cause sleep apnea, but some medications can certainly worsen its effects. Problematic medications include certain antidepressants, strong pain relievers such as oxycodone, antihistamines, and any drug that contains muscle relaxants. It’s important to inform the doctor who treats your sleep apnea of any medications that you’re taking. They can advise you on whether you might be able to switch to different medications.

Does drinking alcohol before bed cause sleep apnea?

Consuming alcohol doesn’t actually cause sleep apnea. However, it does affect your ability to breathe while sleeping. It relaxes your muscles, including the muscles in your throat. This means your airway is more likely to become blocked, which causes interruptions in your breathing. While it’s fine for most people to have a drink or two in the evening, it’s best to do it a few hours before turning in for the night.

Does smoking cause sleep apnea?

While smoking doesn’t cause sleep apnea, there does seem to be a relationship between the two. Smoke causes inflammation and swelling in the tissue that lines your airway. This typically results in snoring. While not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, many do. Even without apnea, snoring can affect your sleep quality – and the sleep quality of those around you.