See How Patients Are Benefitting From Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Sleep Apnea Center of Novi is a leader in the entire state of Michigan for treating sleep apnea. Hear from some of our patients below about how they overcame their sleep apnea troubles after visiting us. You’ll find that a sleep apnea appliance may be all that’s needed to start getting restful sleep again.

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Diane B

Dr. Ross is just a great dentist, and I like that he's always looking forward, and having access to things that most people don't look for in a dentist, and that he is willing to do a sleep apnea appliance for ...

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Sean C.

My wife, I think it's probably a common occurrence, was the first one to kind of notice it. She said, "Hey, you know, you've been snoring a lot lately," and I never had been a traditional snorer, so to speak. ...

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Carol B

My doctor wanted me to go and have a sleep test where you go and you spend the night, and I had told him that I would never be able to wear one of those. I didn't not want the CPAP, because I'm extremely ...

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Laura H

When somebody doesn't have good sleep, it really reaches into every part of your life, and my husband is one of those individuals that really, really needs his sleep and doesn't function well, and when his ...

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