Fix Your Sleep Apnea Issues With A Simple Oral Appliance

Can you sleep with a mask around your face or a noisy machine humming in the background? Most of us can’t — and neither can our bed partners.

That’s why The Sleep Apnea Center of Novi has steered away from the CPAP machine when treating sleep apnea. Instead, we’ve adopted a new method of sleep apnea treatment: the oral appliance. Get relief without the CPAP by calling us today at 248-264-3922.

Sleep apnea, which occurs when you experience pauses in breathing, is a dangerous condition that should never go untreated. It increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more. That’s what you’re risking whenever you stop your sleep apnea treatment or forgo treatment entirely.

The oral appliance is a simple way to help the most common form of sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea).

The sleep apnea oral appliance is a small mouthguard that fits over your lower arch of teeth and positions your jawbone forward. When your jawbone is moved forward, it keeps your airway open while you sleep.

Here are a few advantages to expect from your oral appliance:

  • Fits comfortably in your mouth
  • Does not disrupt your sleep
  • Provides instant relief
  • Helps minimize the health risks of sleep apnea
  • Helps you achieve a better night’s rest
  • Offers an alternative to the CPAP for many

A sleep apnea oral appliance can improve your sleep and reduce your risk for serious medical issues. Your snoring, restless sleep, and even daytime fatigue can all go away when you call 248-264-3922 today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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